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Oh, you know.

Just another one of those random blogs about nothing really.

I’m sick of school. Whenever I have a night that I actually want to do something, i get slammed with homework. But goodness forbid, when I don’t have anything to do, I don’t have any homework. Never really thought a teacher’s job was to make their students’ lives miserable, but they seem to be pretty good at it. I’m behind in Latin, so I had to take my book home tonight. I have a huge health test tomorrow (about anorexia…cue the memories), and my math class is just getting rediculous. Why can’t I find a damn flux capacitor and go back to Kindergarten? 

By the way, why is Kindergarten such a long name? I mean, the kids are 5. Why make them say that!?

On a brighter note, (blindingly bright really) it was 61 outside today! So excited. I love springtime. One of my favorite parts of winter is getting to watch all the snow melt and the sun come out. It was beautiful today. But then it’s getting cold again, of course.

T-minus 22 days until my 16th(:

"And now for something completely different."

I’m a negative person. I know this. I always have been. Always will. Well, not if someone can help it. 

Sam INSISTS that I not be so negative. It’s his mission or something, I dunno. (Good luck with that babe!) Apparently, I put myself down too much and need to be more self-loving. Fair enough, I’m not gunna tell him no.

So I’ve decided that to suit his desires, I’ll post something positive, whether it be a quote, picture, or little blog, everyday.

My first positive comment…(drumroll please!)

I love my freckles(:

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