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New Computer! (And random updates)

Yessir. Dad is finally hooking up the new computer as I type, and I’m SUPER excited. Ever since the last one crashed, I’ve been a little /: face. But now that I don’t have to type my blogs on a crappy old Macbook, except them more often! (:

It’s a sexy computer. Pictures will be up tomorrow.

I got my new glasses on Monday. I really like them. They have circles on the side and the front is square-ish. Kinda like my old ones. Then today, I got my contacts. Pretty happy about that. I have to phase them in, so I get to wear my new glasses for a while, too(:

Pictures there, too!

I can seeeee! It’s a nice feeling. I went out to look at the stars a few minutes ago, and they’ve never looked so bright. It’s invigorating. Literally, I’m looking at the world through whole new eyes. And metaphorically, too. (literally and metaphorically…a quote my wonderful boyfriend uses all the time, haha) I’ve been in a right cheery mood. I’ve been reading A Vintage Affair for a while now, and it’s a jolly good book. School’s not too bad yet, and my parents aren’t as grumpy. All my favorite shows started again, and an old friend has started to talk to me again. Overall, it’s been a good week or so. The only change I would make is not having to go to school 5 days a week, haha.

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