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A random collection of thoughts as they come (in no logical order)

  • Hard to concentrate when my heart’s always screaming at me
  • School’s getting ridiculous
  • I think I’m getting more emotional? Not sure how to handle that
  • Scared to apply to college
  • Feel like I’m not good enough
  • I miss my best friend. She needs to come home
  • Not sure if I’m unhappy more than I’m happy anymore, hate that.  
  • Feel like I’m always walking on glass when I talk to Sam lately…worries me. I don’t even think something’s wrong. I’m just…nervous to talk to him. That never happened before. I don’t know what it is. We both just seem so…fragile.
  • Becoming increasingly self-reliant to be happy. No one else seems to notice when I break down
  • Need a vacation - a real one
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