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I’d be perfectly happy to lay in your arms for the rest of my days. To rest my head on your chest, tapping your heartbeat on your biceps with my fingertips. To wrap my arms around your waist and never let go. To tilt my head up towards your face and wait for a kiss on the forehead. To listen to your breathing as you fall asleep. To be there when you wake, ready to hear about all of your crazy dreams. To comfort you through nightmares. To remind you that I’ll never leave. To feel your arms tighten around me when I tell you how much I love you. To kiss your nose when you’re upset.  To run my fingers through your hair when you’re angry. To tickle your stomach when you’re too serious. To kiss you, just because I can. To see you smile at me, with that knowing grin that says so much. To fall asleep knowing you’ll be there when I open my eyes again. To share the little moments. To share the big moments. To grow old with you. To love you. 

I’d be I’m perfectly happy, with you. 

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