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Freaking Out…nevermind

I’m fairly sure I might have ruined Christmas. I THOUGHT I bought my parents Flyers tickets for Christmas. I received my confirmation email that I made an account for the Flyers Marketplace to buy the tickets. But I never got an email confirming that I purchased the tickets (although I expressly remember going through the whole process). Now it won’t even let me log into the account itself, and I’m freaking out. What if the purchase never went through? Then I got my parents all excited for this game - they haven’t gone in years. And I might not even have tickets at all now. I am officially the worst person ever. I ruined Christmas. 

EDIT: All better. I got the tickets in the mail. (: I SAVED CHRISTMAS

CHRISTMAS. (and a long awaited update)


I have been looking forward to Christmas for about a month. I absolutely can’t wait to see how Sam’s going to react to what I got him. The same goes for Mom and Dad, I’m just so excited. I can’t remember the last time I had this much Christmas spirit. It was also the first time in years that Sean was home to decorate the tree.  I’m also going to church Sunday morning just because I always feeling a little more positive, and I love Mother Robin to death.

It seems like for the past few I was really unhappy. I can’t quite place exactly what it was, but I have a feeling not spending time with my favorite man had something to do with it. Very rarely did I get to have a real conversation with him, and spending time together was even more rare. Although I love winter, I hate it at the same time. It seems like no one has time for each other, and when they do, they’re in a bad mood. (Maybe it’s just me! it usually is…) But after hanging out with Sam this weekend, I realized how easily he can make me grin again. Seeing his big smile and that twinkle in his eyes really helps. Sometimes I feel like I forget how much I love that boy. He’s my world. (big cheesy grin)

School seems to be getting better overall. Physics is still as aggravating as ever. I find myself angry because I just don’t get it sometimes. Latin is getting a little ridiculous (like Spanish always is), but math has gotten a lot better. I wish we would actually get something done in AP, but I’ll take a whole free period to read any day. English is fantastic as always. Mechanical drawing is alright, and gym is almost over (thank god!). The year seems to be flying by. It’s great. 

Overall, life’s a lot better than it was the past few weeks. Yay Christmas!

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